How Green is this classroom?

Green Investigations

  1. Weather
  2. Air Quality
  3. Classroom Dimensions
  4. Populations
  5. Microorganisms
  6. Trash

How green is your classroom?  Your school?  How would you rate the environmental quality in your school? Your classroom? What kinds of observations can you make to help answer these questions?  In this investigation, you will be able to conduct activities that will enable you to answer some of these questions. 

In this project, students work together to complete 6 "Green Investigations to assess the environmental quality of their classroom. Environmental sustainability is the underlying premise of the notion of green.  As such this project is designed to provide opportunities for students to think about the quality of the environment in which they study, and to expand that notion to the other structures besides the classroom, including the school building, and buildings in general.

In this project, your students can share their data with other schools that participate in Green Classroom.  The "Data Sharing" link enables them to post the results of their research, and then they can Access Data from other schools that participated in the project. 

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