Structure of a Classroom Environment

In this investigation students will monitor 6 elements of their classroom environment.

1. Open the Project by asking the students how they would rate the level of environmental quality in their classroom. What criteria are they using to make their evaluations? Brainstorm as a class a list of factors that might contribute to or reflect the level of environmental quality in your classroom. Write these suggestions on a piece of chart paper and display them in the classroom.

2. Explain to the students that they are going to conduct a survey to examine the environmental quality of their classroom. Each team will have a different task and will contribute to the final class report. Tell them also that they will also be able to share their results over the Internet at the Green Classroom "Data Sharing" site, and access data posted by other schools.

            Team Assignments

            • Weather Team

            • Air Quality Team

            • Physical Plant Team

            • Population Team

            • Microorganism Team

            • Trash Team

3. After each team has compiled its results, they should report the data according to the report format shown at the bottom of their team's data sheet, and enter it into a class data chart. When all of the teams have reported, return to the question that opened this activity. How would the students evaluate the environmental quality of their classroom now? What evidence can they bring to bear that was not available before? What new questions do they have? What ideas do they have for improving the environmental quality of their classroom? 

4. Using the class data chart as your source, post your results on the "Data Sharing" site for Project Green Classroom.

5. Access Data from other schools that may have participated in the project.  You can download data from the Access site for further analysis in programs such as Excel. 


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