The weather team examines the elements of weather in the classroom.  Here is the research protocol for the weather team.

Weather Team

You will need: thermometer, sling psychrometer, camera with a light meter

Your task is to make simple measurements that will allow you to make statements about the classroom's climate over the course of a day.

1. Measure the air temperature of the room. Do you think it is the same everywhere in the room? How could you find out? Does distance from the floor matter? Devise a way of measuring the air temperature at a constant height at different points in the room.

            Is the air temperature in the classroom constant during the day?  Measure the air temperature at the same place in the room at intervals during the day.

2.  Use the sling psychrometer to measure the relative humidity in the classroom. If you can, make these measurements throughout the day, at the same intervals at which you measure the air temperature.

3.  Use the light meter to measure the light intensity in the room.  If the classroom has many windows, you might want to make several measurements at different distances from them.

4. Measure the air temperature, relative humidity, and light intensity just outside your classroom. Compare the indoor and outdoor readings.

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