This is a collection of the forms that you can use in Project River Watch.  You will find here:

1. A Data Recording Form

2. Journal Entry Observation Forms

3. Macroinvertebrates Form

Data Recording Form

Project Rive Watch Observation Recording Form


Team Name:                                                    Team Members:                                             


Measurement Site (circle one): river, creek, pond, lake, ocean, other:                          


Date:                                                                Latitude:                                                         


Weather:                                                          Longitude:                                                      


Quantitative Measurements


Air Temperature:                          


Water Temp:                           #1                                #2                                Avg.


Depth:                         #1                    #2                    #3                                Avg.


Flow:                                       #1                                #2                                Avg.


D. Oxygen:                             #1                                #2                                Avg.

Observation Form

Project River Watch Observations


Sketch a segment of the river (or body of water).  Include as many details as possible.


Draw a cross section of the body of water.  Include as many details as possible, including the locations of plants and rocks.


Macroinvertebrates Survey 

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Monitoring Survey

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