Activity 3

Class Chart

Design a Large Class Chart Based on the Data Chart Shown Here

After the students have visited the river and collected data, upon return, each team should post their results on a large class chart that is based on the data form that they used to collect data.  The chart should include at a minimum, name of team, location of observations, date, weather, air temperature, water temperature, depth of water at observation, flow of water, dissolved oxygen, pH.

Use the data table to invite the students to draw conclusions about the quality of water in the body of water they investigated.

Tell the students that as a class, they will post one set of data representing an average for each type of data collected.  Select the team to post the data on the Project Website.

Ask the students to visit the Project Website, and look at the data collected by other schools participating in the project.  The data can be easily downloaded into Excel, and used for analysis.

Students can also post comments on the Project River Watch Blog.

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