Activity 2

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen

Two Russian Students Using Chemetrics Kit to Determine Dissolved Oxygen Content of a Stream in North Georgia, USA

Monitoring a Local Stream

Students recording data at a stream near their school. 

Organize your class into teams, each of which will be responsible for observing and collecting data on the physical and chemical characteristics of the river.  Each team should work as an independent unit, collecting all the data on the section of the river assigned to them.  Have the teams gather the equipment and the data forms they need to carry out their investigations.

At each site, students will collect quantitative and qualitative measurements.  They should record the data onto their team's data recording form.

Quantitative Measurements: air temperature, water temperature, depth of water, flow (rate of speed of water), dissolved oxygen, pH.

Qualitative measurements: land use, erosion, ground cover, odor, algae color, bed-bottom color, surface water, discharge.  

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