Internet Projects

3 Web 2.0 Science Projects Free to Users of This Website and Science As Inquiry

Global Participation

Figure 7

Science As Inquiry supports three Internet-based science projects that enable your students to conduct inquiry investigations locally and share their results globally. In each of these projects, your students investigate a problem in the realm of environmental science.  

For example, in Project Ozone, your students monitor ground-level ozone at your school, their home, or other designated sites.  They observe and make measurements of related variables such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed.  

In Project River Watch, you and your students investigate the quality of the water in a local river, stream or body of water. Project Green Classroom invites students to assess the environment of your classroom by examining and monitoring a variety of indoor parameters. 

But what makes these projects interesting is that you can post your data on fillable webpages linked to the projects so that your data can be shared with others around the world.  You can also click on a link in each project to access all the data, and download the data into Microsoft Excell, or other similar programs for data analysis. 

Text Reference: Chapter 7, Science as Inquiry

Project Ozone Activities: There are five activities in Project Ozone.  In the first two, students find out about the differences between the "ozone shield or layer," and ground level ozone.  The the next two activities, your students monitor ground-level ozone in their community, and then share their data with other schools in a global study.  Finally, students develop a strategy for doing something about the problem associated with ground-level ozone, and the deterioration of the ozone in the stratosphere.  

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