Web 2.0

Examples of Exciting Science Projects Using the Web for Your Students to Create, Share, & Publish

Web 2.0 refers to using the web in a more interactive, and social way where students can create, share, publish and work together in collaborative groups.This is a far cry from the early days when web surfing was the main attraction of the web.

In a groundbreaking book, entitled Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World, Pam Burger and Sally Trexler have provided the research and the practical examples of how Web 2.0 tools can transform and be applied to classroom teaching.Their book is exciting, and offers us an in-depth look at how Web 2.0 tools are being used by students and teachers to implement a new, more inquiry-oriented view of learning and teaching.

Text Reference: Chapters 6 - 7, Science as Inquiry