Activity 1

Ozone: The Good and Bad


This activity introduces Project Ozone. Students will be asked to identify what they know and questions they have about ozone. Students will also learn to differentiate between ground-level ozone (the bad ozone), and ozone in the upper atmosphere (the good ozone).


Use the Air Quality Webcam link to visually compare air quality in different locations. The webcams refresh usually about every 30 seconds and show you a live picture. How does the air in the scene you look at compare to the scence when you look out a window in the room you are in right now. 

Divide into teams of four, and obtain a large sheet of paper, and colored pens or crayons.  Draw a picture showing the earth and two of the layers in the atmosphere, as well a satellite in space, and the sun in the background. Then consider the following :

In the next ten minutes you and your teammates should work as a team, and discuss what you know about ozone. Use the picture to draw and explain what your team knows. In your drawing and explanations, please try to use the following ideas as well as others that you know: ozone, smog, car emissions, ultraviolet light, people, plants.

  • Make a T-Chart (shown below) summarizing the differences between "good" and "bad" ozone. Post the T-Charts in a prominent place in the classroom


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